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Namaste ||

Welcome to the website of Sri Suruli Arulananda Swami's ashram and activities. This site includes details of the service activities performed in and around the ashrams and provides biographical details of the Swamijis in the parampara.

Swami Lalitananda Sarasvati established Lalitananda Ashram in Vadarevu (near Chirala, AP, India) about 70 years ago. After Swami Lalitananda took samadhi, the guru-parampara was continued by Vadarevu Swami, PV Swami, and currently by Suruli Arulananda Swami.

Arulananda Swami established Arulananda Trust, which is dedicated to spreading the ideals of sanatana dharma through service to mankind. At Lalitananda Ashram, annadAnam (feeding of people) is performed everyday, a clinic is run daily to address the medical needs of poor people, and vedas are taught daily in the veda pathashAla to about 50 students.

We welcome you to make a pilgrimage to the ashram. Relax, reflect, and realize your true nature in the sacred environment of the ashram.